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Expansion joints from Garlock Sealing Technologies

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Garlock Sealing Technologies  offer a range of expansion joints that are designed to absorb movement and minimise vibration. The expansion joints help in reducing stress in pumps and pipes.

GARFLEX expansion joints have strong yet flexible nylon cord reinforcements. Its moulded and round design ensures optimum burst pressure rating. The streamlined flowing arch design of the GARFLEX expansion joints prevents sediment build up and minimises turbulence.

GUARDIAN 200-1 expansion joints from Garlock Sealing Technologies feature a FEP liner, which minimises permeation and offers good chemical resistance. A protective coating and a cover made of chlorobutyl guard against environmental effects. These expansion joints are also resistant to pressure and vacuum and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Garlock Sealing Technologies offer Navy and Coast Guard expansion joints that are manufactured according to U.S. Navy specifications. PTFE flexible couplings are another type of expansion joint that help in minimising noise, expansion and contraction in air conditioners and heating systems. PTFE couplings are resistant to corrosion and hence are ideal for chemical processing applications.

In addition to manufacturing an extensive range of expansion joints, Garlock Sealing Technologies also offer dynamic seals, bearing isolators, compression packing, hydraulic components and metallic gaskets.

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