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Compression packing solutions from Garlock Sealing Technologies

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Garlock Sealing Technologies  specialise in manufacturing a wide range of fluid sealing products for processing industries such as pulp and paper, food and pharmaceuticals, chemicals and petrochemicals, mining, refining and original equipment manufacturers. Garlock Sealing Technologies offer fluid sealing products that are made specifically for industrial uses.

Garlock Sealing Technologies offer a range of compression packing for sealing pumps, valves, agitators, and other types of rotary equipment. All compression packing goes through strict testing procedures to ensure reliable and cost effective sealing solutions. The range of compression packing includes carbon packing, flexible graphite, graphite packing, lantern ring coils, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) packing, pump packing, soot blower sets, SYNTHEPAK packing, synthetic packing and valve packing.

Carbon Packing is a braided carbon filament that consist of graphite lubrication. This carbon packing is specifically made for pumps and valves used in high temperature chemical applications.

Flexible graphite and graphite packing are graphite foils and yarns. Graphite packing is resistant to chemicals and have good temperature and thermal conductivity. The graphite foil can seal low levels of leakage, while graphite packing can be used for reducing shaft wear in high temperature applications.

SYNTHEPAK packing is a braided, lubricated synthetic fibre packing and is suitable for general service applications. Another packing called the PTFE packing is a non-porous fibre that prevents leakage. PTFE packing is suitable for pumps and valves used in the food processing industries.

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