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PVC hoses and flexible ducting products from Garfield & Company (Gaskets)

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Garfield & Company (Gaskets)  offers flexible ducting products. The flexible ducting products from Garfield & Company (Gaskets) include Tuflex, Multiflex, Plastiflex, Abrasaflex, Flexflow and Silverflex.

Multiflex ducting products are convoluted, lightweight and this highly flexible hose can be positioned in any limited space with little reduction in the cross sectional area. Plastiflex can be installed easily and is made from light weight PVC material.

Tuflex range of flexible ducting product is used where a light ducting service is required. This product withstands temperatures up to 120 degree Celsius. Tuflex is made from synthetic rubber impregnated with fabric strips which are spirally wound on spring wire.

Silverflex ducting material is made from internally crimped galvanised steel strip which are helically formed and the material used is nylon with PVC nitrile coating. Flexflow is also constructed as that of Tuflex ducting products. Industroflex is flexible, retractable and is ideal for rapid movement of air blowing.

PVC hoses from Garfield & Company (Gaskets)include FRAS yellow air and water mining, irrigation, multipurpose and food grade 16 bars, uniflex 16 bar. Uniflex PVC hoses come in black PVC tube and they are resistant to oil mist. The cover of the PVC hose is resistant to weather and ozone. It is ideal for industrial air hose purposes.

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