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Garfield & Company (Gaskets) offers specialised hose, gaskets and rubber products

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Garfield & Company (Gaskets)  provides specialised hose and miscellaneous products. Specialised hose products include composite thermoplastic hose, metallic expansion joints, corrugated stainless steel hose.

Composite thermoplastic hose is constructed between inner and outer wires and is applied at high tension at an exact pitch. Various polyamide, polypropylene and polyester fabrics and films are placed between the inner and outer wires. Composite hoses provided by Garfield & Company (Gaskets) are ideal for petrol and oil, cryogenic liquids, suction and delivery of hydrocarbon solvents, molasses, vegetable oil, acids and chemicals, LPG and ammonia, hot tallow, sugar syrup.

Corrugated flexible metal hose come with close pitch annular corrugations made from butt-welded tube. It offers flexibility and it can also be reinforced by one or two metallic braids. Metallic expansion joints are available as single expansion joint, hinged double expansion joint, untied double expansion joint, pressure balanced expansion joints, fabric expansion joint and gimbal single expansion joint.

Miscellaneous offered by Garfield & Company (Gaskets) comprise of industrial fittings, rubber and gasket products. Industrial fittings include camlocks, swaged assemblies, butterfly valves, claw couplings, double blot clamps, nozzles, galvanised malleable pipe fittings, supra clamps, malleable iron fittings, aluminium camlocks and hose reels.

Gaskets and rubber products from Garfield & Company (Gaskets) include rubber insertion gaskets of 3mm thickness, black neoprene rubber, neoprene rubber gaskets of 3mm thickness, black natural skirting rubber, pink coloured chutex lining rubber.

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