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Nylon plastic gears and cogs available from Gantiel Vensott

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Gantiel Vensott stocks a diverse range of Nylon products suited to gear and cog manufacturing. The Nylon used for these products is cast nylon, which has a higher molecular weight to extruded Nylon and therefore is more dimensionally stable making it easier to machine.

Available in both natural and black the stock sizes of Nylon rod, sheet and tube can be discussed with Gantiel Vensott’s sales staff who will assist. There are also specially formulated grades available upon request to be used in harsh or high impact load applications.

Gantiel Vensott’s gear cutting capabilities can produce both helicoil and beveled gears. Nylon gears provide a good alternative to bronze gears in medium speed applications. Nylon gears and cogs can be used for gates or doors involving high abrasion and high impact.

Nylon gears can be used as sacrificial gears or cogs, that is, in a breakdown or misalignment within a machine the gear will come under pressure then only one gear is sacrificed (destroyed) saving all the surrounding parts from damage and not destroying the entire gearbox, thus providing a tremendous cost saving.

There is a variety of Nylon products available depending on the environment in which the gears and cogs are being used. Plasticisers, lubricants and heat stabilisers are added to improve the Nylon performance of the specialised Nylon products range.

For example to reduce the use of oils and greases, internal lubricants can be used to reduce the material’s co-efficient of friction and maintenance costs. With the lubricant built into the nylon, the gears are less likely to attract dust, dirt and oily grime into the other moving parts. This would normally cause damage to the gears and decrease the nylon gears’ life. But when utilising oil impregnated Venlon 6G-OF, product of Gantiel Vensott, it will give the gears a much longer life expectancy.

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