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Gantiel Vensott is able to provide guarding services specific for your guarding requirements.  With Gantiel Vensott’s in house fabricating facilities together with a stock holding of polycarbonate sheeting ready to ship direct to your store.  

Gantiel Vensott offers a complete guarding package utilizing our Glazeguard General Purpose (Polycarbonate or Lexan general purpose product) and Glazeguard SR (Polycarbonate or Lexan product which is scratch and solvent resistant).

Glazeguard SR has a unique and resilient silicone coating which resists scratching and harsh chemical attack.  This scratch and solvent resistant product will stop the clouding and abrasion of the guard keeping it clean and clear to easy to see through.  The Glazeguard SR is used in harsh environments for machine guards, prison windows, viewing panels, wash down areas and where printers inks may splatter just to name a few.  

Glazeguard GP is ideal for less abrasive situations and in applications where corrosive chemicals are not present.  Possible uses include viewing panels, transmission covers, medical equipment containers, operator enclosures, forklift and heavy machinery glazing front and side windows, splash covers.  

One of the major features of Glazeguard GP and SR is the high impact strength.  Polycarbonate or Lexan (Gantiel Vensott’s Glazeguard) is more than 250 times greater impact resistance than glass while still providing the same clarity and also ensuring the safety of your operators.  Glazeguard will maintain a high impact strength even after long periods outdoors.  Polycarbonate is a fantastic option when upgrading safety features in your factory.  Our staff can work with your Engineering staff in developing new designs providing suggestions and best fabricating options for your guards either an existing design or a new design.

Gantiel Vensott offers a specialized services to it’s customers of onsite measuring and replicating of existing guarding without the need to remove from the machinery or equipment.  As well as a full installation service which will often keep maintenance engineers free to work on other areas within the factory.  The services of measuring and installation of guards is done by experienced and professional trades people.

This polycarbonate material is well known and respected by Work Cover inspectors as well as Officers and Technical Representatives of Standards Australia.   Glazeguard has been widely recognized as a much more superior and effective product in guarding applications than glass or Perspex.  To utilize Glazeguard GP/SR would enhance your best practices from the Health & Safety aspect and security of your workers in the work place.   

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