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Timers and speed sensing products from Gammatron

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Gammatron  is involved in manufacturing a wide range of engine control units, power supplies, inverters, transformers and battery chargers. Simple switches to complex digital auto start module engine control units are manufactured by Gammatron. Speed sensing, timers and instrumentation products are covered under engine control.

Speed sensing products from engine control unit include dual speed switch, DIN rail mounting option, magnetic pick up, digital tachometers, delta digital speed sensor and so on. Timers supplied by Gammatron include repeat start timer and dual output delay timer. Instrumentation products include 8 input engine protection modules, digital auto start module and so on.

Repeat start timer from Gammatron is a low cost printed circuit board which is designed for panel mounting in prime mover applications. When a supply voltage is received, the internal relay energises for the preset cranking time.

Delay timer from Gammatron is reliable. It is used on power terminals and the time delay is adjusted through a front panel screwdriver. The relays are energised until the power is removed at the end of the preset time. The expiry of delay period is known through an LED indicator and time delays can be programmed from seconds to hours.

Digital Audio Start Module is a DIN rail mounted unit which is ideal for pumps, generators and alternators. This Digital Audio Start Module is placed in a DIN Rail Mount case covered with aluminium plate. Terminal connections are made using a pluggable 18-way terminal block. The current state of the engine is displayed through an LCD display unit.

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