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Power supplies and battery chargers from Gammatron

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Gammatron  provides range of power supplying and battery charger units. The power supplies include DIN rail switchmode power supplies, open frame switchmode power supplies, rectified and regulated linear power supplies.

DIN rail switchmode power supplies provide high output power in small packages and they are combined with DIN rail mounting. Various other currents and output voltages are also covered under this including MDR-20, DR75-24, DR45-24, DR120-24 and so on.

MDR-20 single output industrial DIN rail power supply has universal alternate current input, protection against overload, short circuit and over voltage. It can be installed on DIN rail TS 35/7.5 and comes with an LED indicator.

Open frame switchmode power supplies from Gammatron have an easy to mount, open style frame and comes with high power output in small packages. The models available under this form include S-100F-24, SP-200-24, S-240-12, S-60-24 and so on.

Gammatron provides two forms of battery chargers including automotive and portable charges, switchboard mount and industrial battery chargers. Automotive and portable chargers are available in various forms including 12V 20A switch mode battery charger, 12V 24A 3 stage battery charger, cyclic charger etc.

12V 20A switch mode battery charger uses switchmode technology and it is a microprocessor controlled battery charger with a compact design. This 12V 20A switch mode battery charger accommodates correct charging process for sealed lead acid batteries, calcium and lead acid batteries. It also helps in charging 6V lead acid batteries.

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