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Inverters, transformers and custom electronic products from Gammatron

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Custom electronic products, inverters and transformers are offered by Gammatron . [s1] Embedded microprocessor systems are ideal for control applications and complex monitoring purposes. This system is also used in interfacing LCD displays, in circuit programming, computers and key pads.

PLC controllers from Gammatron are used for maximising expandability and minimising space usage. These PLC controllers can also be used along with logic switches to provide simple solutions to complex ladder logic circuits. Easy up-grades and in-circuit programming can also be done with simple ladder logic software.

Wide ranges of direct to alternate current inverters are manufactured by Gammatron which include different forms of modified square wave, pure sine wave or solar regulator. The 300W modified sine wave DC-AC power inverter supplies 12V to 24V DC input, the rate of its input voltage ranges from -15 to +25 percent. Modified sine wave is the output waveform used in this inverter.

Transformers are manufactured by HD Transformers, a division of Gammatron. Transformers from Gammatron include single phase, three phase transformers, marine isolation transformers and PCB transformers.

Three phase transformers are designed using double wound insulation to decrease third harmonic losses and the noise produced. It is used for standard primary voltages including 550, 240, and 110V. Marine isolation transformers are made from steel with weather proof enclosures; it has a 15 Amp outlet socket and a 2 metre power cable. This marine isolation transformer is 325mm long, 250mm wide and 250mm deep.

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