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Gammasonics offers Gammaprobe PC for radiation surgical probes

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Gammasonics  is involved in manufacturing and designing nuclear medicine, radiation detection equipment for diagnostic, radiotherapy, industrial radiation and national and home land security. Gammasonics involves two groups namely Gammasonics Radiological Services and Gammasonics Institute for Medical Research.

Gammasonics Institute for Medical Research is known for its innovative research and design utilising technology in the field of radiation protection, surgery, measurement and detection. Nuclear medicine products include Gammaprobe PC, Heartmaster Med, Gamma and Beta Shield products.

Gammaprobe PC is one of the newly generated machines for radiation surgical probes. This is ideal for applications in lymphobiopsy, lymphoscintillography and for Sentinel Node Mapping in Surgery. Gammaprobe PC was recently launched by incorporating the technology for carrying out surgeries with features such as artificial intelligence.

The amplifier unit of Gammaprobe PC comes in the form of a powerful tablet PC which is light, small in size. The touch screen of Gammaprobe PC unit offers easy access to all the functions. No hard disk is available in Gammaprobe PC and it can be transported easily in a safe manner.

Gammaprobe PC helps in storing the history and the database of patients, it has artificial intelligence, a nuclear medicine collimator and a built in check source. Gammaprobe PC also comes with options of imaging probe, voice recognition unit and external telephone communications.

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