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Safe disposal solution for used electronic equipment from Gamma Solutions

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Recycling might be one of those buzz words in Australia but not apparently with electronic items or e-waste. Each week many thousands of unwanted TVs, mobile phones, microwaves, DVD players, VCRs and computers are discarded at local tips, creating a mountainous problem.

Sustainability Victoria reports that of the 5.4 million tonnes of recycled waste recovered each year, a tiny 2% is extracted from electronic items.

One of the reasons for the low recycling rate of e-waste is the cost of extracting useful material. Electronic items are costly and time-consuming to dismantle. But using the new advanced methods to treat the hazardous waste and recover recyclable products helps create clean landfill. Clearly there is much to be done.

Gamma Solutions  has come up with an innovative solution for customers. It is free safe disposal of used electronic equipment. Gamma Solutions accepts old batteries and end-of-life hardware, and disposes of the resulting e-waste through an Australian owned chemical technology company.

It is a step towards overcoming the ongoing problem with e-products. The circuit boards and electronic gadgetry that make them work contain many hazardous materials and these materials would not break down with age. If the easy route is taken and they are buried in landfill, then they are, quite literally, there forever.

Gamma Solutions wanted to participate in an e-waste program which would minimise the ecological impact on the environment and now it believes it has found it.

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