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Products are available that can be fully integrated, support multiple frequencies, complement legacy systems already in use, and provide interconnectivity with other automatic data collection products.

Intermec's RFIDeploy Services help customers by evaluating RFID technology and integrating it seamlessly into their business processes. RFIDeploy is a suite of consultative and site engineering services that combine together to accomplish a fully integrated RFID system implementation.

Problems one might encounter in operating RFID systems:

Several potential issues must be addressed successfully at the front end of the design process. Careful selection of a dynamic solution is paramount. In every case, a system design approach is required before implementing an RFID solution. The requirements for multiple tags, speed of operation, accuracy, cost and security must all be considered to provide the result demanded by the application. A site survey is a critical step in the evaluation of RFID solutions.

Some of the common problems with generic RFID are:

Like other technologies using radio waves (garage door openers, remote control toys, pagers, etc.), RFID systems are subject to interference from unwanted signals—electromagnetic noise. To protect against "misreads", tag data contains bits that are encoded to provide error detection by the reader to improve the reliability of the system.

In lower performance systems, when two tags are in the field of the reader at the same time, "collisions" can also occur where both tags try to transmit to the reader at the same time. A common method used to avoid collisions is to design the tags to select random delay time before responding. Intermec RFID’s arbitration algorithms make it virtually impossible to encounter a noticeable collision or slow down in multiple tag discrimination.

The presence of metal can block the performance of RFID readers and tags as well, which affects read range. However, metal can also enhance or amplify the read range of RFID with good system design.

The presence of water can also impede the performance of RFID, but as with electricity and water, good system design can overcome most limitations.

More information about RFID is available from Gamma Solutions.

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