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Is RFID better than barcodes?

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Benefits of RFID compared to other automatic identification technologies such as bar codes:

RFID-enabled systems help companies cut costs, improve customer service, reduce labour, increase accuracy, and improve production throughput. The technology is superior compared to the limitations of traditional ADC technologies.

Bar code and vision systems rely on optics and require a relatively clean and moisture–free environment. Touch memory does not use optics but does require a relatively clean environment because contact must be made to read the tag.

RFID is better than using bar codes:

RFID is ideal for dirty, oily, wet or harsh environments. RFID tags and readers have no moving parts so require no maintenance. RFID tags can be read and write, intelligent, and carry larger amounts of data compared to other identification systems.

Unlike bar codes, RFID tags are virtually impossible to copy or counterfeit. RFID is fast. The tag can be read and communicate back in milliseconds. RFID systems can also read multiple tags at once, much faster than bar code.

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