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Intermec’s RFID products available from Gamma Solutions

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One advantage of Intermec's RFID products is that they bring all the vital elements of automatic data collection, including RFID, together under one company - ensuring compatibility and inter-operability of systems.

Intermec RFID products are certified EPC global compatible and interoperable. The Intermec IF5 Fixed RFID Reader was ranked #1 in adjacent dock door use by leading U.S. RFID testing lab ODIN technologies.

Intermec RFID's technology differentiators include:

  • high data rates and capacity,
  • low cost,
  • read/write capability,
  • foolproof anti-collision protocol (no jamming),
  • lockable memory at the byte level,
  • bulk and sub-group programming (write to one, many, or all simultaneously),
  • and frequency flexibility of the chip so tags can move throughout the world operating at the reader frequency approved in each country. 
With a large, multiple-field read/write memory, each of Intermec's tags and inserts can simultaneously support EPC, GTIN, UPC content, and Advanced Shipping Notice reference codes, as well as original manufacturer and distributor unique codes, delivering the user the ultimate flexibility to adapt as current and future standards evolve.

Intermec RFID products are available from Gamma Solutions .

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