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Intermec CN50 and CN4 rugged 3G mobile computers available from Gamma Solutions

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Intermec have introduced Intermec CN50 and Intermec CN4, the advanced, rugged 3G Wireless WAN (WWAN) mobile computers for field mobility applications. The Intermec CN50 and Intermec CN4 are available from Gamma Solutions .

The Intermec CN50 includes 3.75G WWAN HSUPA radio technology in a small, lightweight, ruggedised form factor providing mobile workforces in postal, field service, transportation, and delivery operations with the industry’s high performance mobile computer.

The Intermec CN4 is a suitable mobile computing solution for operations requiring support for fully-rugged front line transactions, including commercial transportation, store delivery, and demanding field service applications. Both products enable customers to leverage enterprise mobility applications with higher data exchange requirements, and offer a range of features designed to maximise mobile worker productivity, uptime, and on-the-route service capability.

The Intermec CN50 utilises the latest cutting-edge communications technology deployed by leading network operators around the world, and coupled with Intermec’s new multi-processor architecture, delivers faster data uploads. The Intermec CN50 enables mobile workers to run data-intensive applications not practical with other solutions.

The Intermec CN50 features numerous performance innovations, including a flexible Network Radio that can be re-provisioned to a different network as business needs or coverage options evolve. This capability enables customers to deploy a single hardware solution on the wireless network offering the best cost and geographic coverage. The Intermec CN50’s compact design can reduce fatigue for mobile workers requiring extended or even day-long use, and with its five foot drop specification. The Intermec CN50 ensures reliable operation for mobile workers connected in real-time to critical enterprise applications.

The Intermec CN4 is a light, rugged 3.5G wireless network device in its class, designed to perform in the most demanding work environments. With a six-foot drop specification, on all faces, sides and corners, compact internal antenna design, and IP64 sealing, the Intermec CN4 can reduce worker downtime and the risk of critical data loss or lost revenue. The Intermec CN4 easily integrates with a wide range of compatible, performance-optimised printers and accessories for in-vehicle, or stand-alone implementation, and shares system software and a range of accessories with Intermec’s CN3-series.

Customers can continue to deploy the same applications across the enterprise while leveraging the device’s powerful 3.5G WWAN radio, GPS, voice and video functionality. The Intermec CN50 and Intermec CN4 are both available with an optional enhanced mobile document imaging (eMDI) capability, providing mobile workers with a fast, reliable way to convert full page paper documents into electronic documents at the point-of-transaction. With eMDI-enabled devices, mobile workers now have the ability to transmit high-quality document images, captured in all lighting conditions, to back office applications in real-time.

Seamless integration and compatibility with document management systems can simplify workflow, shorten billing cycles, and provide customer service and shipping operations ready access to documents for faster processing.

The Intermec CN50 and Intermec CN4 were designed, tested and optimised for maximum performance and easy integration with compatible Intermec peripherals. The Intermec CN4 also protects customers’ investments in previous generation technology including the Intermec CN3/CN3e, by enabling smooth migration to 3G technology.

Both products support Intermec SmartSystems, allowing customers to track mobile assets, minimise deployment time, simplify integration into existing systems, and provide remote device management capabilities. Intermec SmartSystems on the Intermec CN4 also enables customers to manage battery replacement requirements.

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