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Gamma Solutions provides mobile computer services to Toll AUtologistics

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Toll AutoLogistics’ customers now have the ability to track and trace vehicles from initial pick-up, through to delivery, and at all points in between.

Following a rigorous selection process, the Intermec 740 mobile computer was chosen to automate the capture and communication of vehicle information.

Toll AutoLogistics then used a facts and priorities comparison to choose a good hardware vendor, weighing up the proposed solutions technical requirements, and business priorities. 

Gamma Solutions was the choice in both the hardware requirements and the business priorities.

The new system operates completely electronically, providing the client instantaneous, real-time Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD). Toll AutoLogistics drivers receive all delivery information via their hand-held Intermec 740 mobile computer and, on arriving at their destination, inspect the vehicles with the customer, recording the condition of the freight.

In selecting the Intermec 740 mobile computer, Toll AutoLogistics was mindful that its drivers were to be comfortable with the new technology and importantly, they required a product durable enough to survive the physical demands of the work environment.

Laurie Brothers explained, "We were looking for a device with the superior clarity and contrast of a colour screen that could be used in extreme conditions, such as low light and bad weather, ensuring that drivers could easily adopt the new technology. Intermec units are dust and rain proof, can be dropped onto concrete, have a powerful long life battery and, if the battery does run out the data, applications are saved on the SD storage card."

The Intermec 740 mobile computer is a fast and powerful unit. With memory to spare (64MB) and a whopping 400Mgz of processing power, it would be hard to out perform. The unit is auto-light sensing, automatically enabling a backlight on both the screen and the keyboard, providing the drivers with an easy to use unit even in low light or complete darkness.

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