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Gamma Solutions provides information on RFID use in Supply Chain

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How does RFID enhance supply chain?

RFID allows updated information to travel with the individual item as it passes through the supply chain, information that can be dynamically changed throughout the journey.

If I use RFID in my processes, and the product is shipped to a customer containing some data I don’t want shared, is there anything to prevent access to that data?

Yes, permanent memory locks within the computer chip can secure data at the byte level to prevent access of data to unauthorized users. Bytes left unlocked, can be re-written to 100,000 times. Bytes can be locked in the factory or in the field to protect data as it is entered along the supply chain. Data can also be encrypted or password protected if the application requires data security.

How is RFID being used today?

Existing uses of RFID include: Raw material tracking, work-in-process (WIP) tracking, pallets/box tracking, a cradle-to-grave supply chain application in a retail environment, parcel package tracking, a border control checkpoint application and many more.

Most of the companies adopting this technology are early adopters and view this as a competitive advantage in their specific industry. Consequently, they have been hesitant to publicize their efforts. Intermec appreciates their recognition of the competitive advantage of this technology and is respectful of their decision to delay publicizing their efforts.

More information about RFID is available from Gamma Solutions.

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