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Gamma Solutions’ RFID tags for dogs

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article image Gamma Solutions embeds RFID tags on dogs
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Today RFID is seen as one of many potential technologies. Paul Pleming, National Sales Manager at Gamma Solutions , said RFID applications installed by it were generally closed loop and used for access control or product ID and so on, and in a hazardous environment.

‘Currently RFID in the supply chain is limited to a 10 cm and 30 cm read range and has an added cost factor,’ said Paul Pleming. ‘It will be many years before RFID replaces barcodes in conventional product identification.’

But RFID is already in use in the household of Gamma Solution’s owners Michael and Michelle Atallah. Milou and Mitzi, their two beloved dogs have an RFID tag embedded under their skin. If they ever get lost they can be scanned, just like a supermarket package, by a local vet who can then identify and reunite the dogs with Michael and Michelle.

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