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Coastal Midwest Transport to employ Gamma Solutions technology applications

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Perth-based Coastal Midwest Transport work with Australian mining, engineering and construction companies to provide reliable, cost-effective freight pickup and distribution services, ensuring customer deliveries on time and on budget. Coastal Midwest Transport recently undertook pilot studies to determine ways to improve delivery accuracy and efficiency.

Coastal Midwest Transport have commissioned Interdev as technology providers to ensure that freight distribution and pickup standards are maintained and improved upon. The partnership between Interdev and Gamma Solutions will assist Coastal Midwest Transport to monitor their warehousing and trucking operations. Through the technology applications of Interdev and Gamma Solutions, Coastal Midwest Transport will offer their clients the opportunity to track their deliveries from the dispatch stage to arrival stage accurately.

In partnering with Interdev and Gamma Solutions as their technology providers, Coastal Midwest Transport will be able to streamline their logistical operations. The installation of the Transporta dispatch system and implementation of Intermec CN3’s through Gamma Solutions technology has allowed Coastal Midwest Transport to increase overall efficiency of their fleet usage.

Key members of Coastal Midwest Transport, which include freight delivery drivers, operations personnel and members of the dispatch staff, will utilise the new freight logistics technology at different stages of the transportation process. The new freight logistics technology can be used by large on-site Coastal Midwest Transport customers in remote areas, enabling them to track the progress of their delivery.

The timescale of the pilot freight monitoring installation was split into five different stages over a period of twelve months. The initial pilot project stage implemented the technology solutions in areas such as warehousing locations and dispatch operations. The second stage comprised installation work throughout Perth, which included aspects of Coastal Midwest Transport’s pickup and delivery networks. The third stage saw a detailed GPS system being installed, which allowed trucks to be located using the Google Enterprise Maps application. The final two stages of the project pilot involved scanning and tracing of all items on site by the client.

Freightmate, a technology tool used by Coastal Midwest Transport independently, has been interfaced with the XMotion technology from Interdev. Gamma Solutions have deployed Intermec CN3’s GPS-enabled device to provide hardware solutions for Coastal Midwest Transport and assist in the scanning of barcodes and assignment notes.

Intermec CN3’s GPS-enabled device has been used to meet the specific needs of clients at different stages and to provide consistent support by enabling customers to view the status of their deliveries and plan their deliveries accurately to save on labour costs. The technology applications of Interdev and Gamma Solutions can be used during specific stages of identifying various freight items and creating manifests.

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