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Blue Circle on track with GPRS and GPS technology

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article image Blue Circle guarantees reliability with advanced mobile computing technology, the Intermec 700.
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WHEN every moment counts who do medical professionals rely on for time critical supplies and support? Operating for over 45 years, Blue Circle Transport is one of the most recognised transport and logistics companies in Australia.

Offering multifaceted courier operations, warehousing, national distribution, taxi trucks and removals, Blue Circle guarantees reliability with advanced mobile computing technology.

Blue Circle Bio Medical Logistics evolved through research and experience to serve the specialised needs of the health industry, providing time critical logistical support on the ground and in the air.

Medical supplies including pharmaceuticals, blood or surgical kits require specialised transport and storage services.

Blue Circle vehicles are fitted with enhanced security systems and specialised refrigerated containers to accommodate temperature sensitive deliveries.

Combining Intermec mobile computing solutions with the expertise of experienced vendor Gamma Solutions , Blue Circle’s market leading system provides speed and security far beyond standard pickup and delivery.

The Intermec 700 series mobile computing units empower both drivers and the head office, adding to the quality and value of Blue Circle services.

When selecting a supply chain solution, the Intermec 700 series mobile computer was the first choice because of its rugged construction and advanced features.

The large screen provides better view ability with larger character and graphical applications.

The Intermec’s market leading battery capacity ensures long life and power for full day use out in the field.

Blue Circle drivers use their Intermec 700 mobile units to scan barcodes on parcels and receive information from central control via a GPRS wide area network.

The driver reads the large screen on the Intermec 700 unit and proceeds to pick up point. As each parcel is loaded, it is scanned and confirmed as being correct for the specific delivery run.

Blue Circle has developed an electronic manifest control concept, which eliminates incorrect pickup or missing items. The driver has immediate knowledge of any possible inconsistencies.

After confirmation is completed, pick up is advised to the host system. GPS tracks the vehicle on route providing accurate estimated time of arrival for the customer.

At the point of delivery, the Intermec 700 unit scans the parcel’s barcode, ensuring accurate delivery of the correct parcel.

The Blue Circle system differentiates between items for general acceptance and security signature items, for example acceptance of scheduled drugs. The sender can therefore have ‘real time’ proof of delivery.

General Manager of Blue Circle Transport, Tom Szabo said Blue Circle’s investment aims to meet the needs of time critical customers as well as focusing on logistics innovation.

Tom Szabo noted that the system went well beyond the normal pickup and proof of delivery. He added that the Intermec technology provided the quality, security and reliability of service required for this specialised market.

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