Galloway Environmental Waste Management

Waste reduction and waste disposal services, recycling.


Supplier news
31/03/08 - Waste management systems and equipment are available from Galloway Environmental Waste Management. Galloway Environmental Waste Management equipment is designed to offer a clean, healthy method of removing waste. For recycling purpose, a Rotorpac com
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28/03/08 - Galloway Environmental Waste Management offers waste management services through recycling process. This recycling process is carried out using old cardboards and papers, decayed fruit and vegetable products and plastic products.
Supplier news
27/03/08 - Galloway Environmental Waste Management is a waste management and recycling company which offers cost effective method of waste minimisation. Galloway Environmental Waste Management was formerly known as Kenbay Waste Compaction and Recycling Systems.

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Galloway Environmental Waste Management (Head office) Update these details
10-12 Artisan Rd
Seven Hills
NSW 2147
Tel: 02 9620 6060
Fax: 02 9620 4500

Galloway Environmental Waste Management Brands

Galloway EWM Compactor KenBay Rotorpac Compactor

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