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New entry-level laser system

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article image LVD’s Orion Laser System.

LVD has introduced Orion, an entry-level CO2 laser system that provides cost efficient processing of a range of materials in sheet sizes up to 1500mm x 3000mm.

Available from GWB Machine Tools , this economical system makes advanced laser cutting technology practical for all shops.

A hybrid-style design, Orion features three numerically controlled axes. The cutting head moves along the Y-axis over a maximum distance of 1555mm.

The table, bearing the plate supported by a set of slats and secured by three automatic clamps, moves along the 3080mm X-axis. A servo-controlled 290 mm Z-axis allows processing of pre-formed parts.

Orion's highly rigid, high-precision rack-and-pinion drive system delivers precise motion and position control.

This rigid design permits the machine to maintain high processing speeds without any loss of cut quality.

Quick set-up

Orion incorporates features that reduce set-up. The laser system is designed with a simple beam delivery system comprised of three mirrors. This construction ensures easy alignment and a stable beam path.

The standard laser cutting head accommodates a 5" or 7.5" quick-change lens.

These water-cooled, quick-change lenses can be installed or exchanged easily, using a self-centering system. Lens calibration is programmable and quick to achieve.

A built-in capacitive height sensor automatically maintains a constant distance between the head and the plate, automatically compensating for any unevenness in the material.

For additional ease in set-up and loading, the machine table is positioned at a comfortable working height and offers full access and visibility on three sides.

Automatic cutting gas selection, automatic plate clamping and automatic cutting gas pressure control with servo valve are other standard features that further simplify machine set-up and operation.

Orion is also equipped with a built-in fume extraction system, which removes any fumes and molten material.

Consistent cut quality

LVD's newest laser is designed to provide a consistent edge quality. A high-pressure cutting head produces exceptionally clean cuts and is equipped with a safety system that protects the head from collision with the workpiece.

Orion's total power control feature automatically adjusts the laser power in relation to the cutting speed, ensuring an optimal cut at every contour width and minimising the heat-affected zone.

The machine's edge function processes sharp corners cleanly, particularly in thicker materials.

Integrated laser and CNC control

Orion employs the highly reliable GE Fanuc RF excited fast axial flow CO2 laser. The laser, CNC control, drives and motors are fully integrated, providing superior processing speed, high reliability and low operating and maintenance costs.

The integrated GE Fanuc control provides perfect reproduction of programmed contours, producing acute angles at high speed.

The laser power is matched to the vectorial speeds to achieve a constant cut width and a small heat-affected zone.

All parameters, diagnostic and start-up procedures are conveniently displayed on a single colour screen. The 32-bit control features powerful mathematical capabilities and an extensive material library.

Optional CADMAN-L 3D offline programming software provides a powerful laser-cutting CAM package. This includes an integrated 3D design and unfolding module, which allows easy importing of 2D and 3D designs, automatic unfolding and generation of flat patterns from 2D or 3D files.

CADMAN-L 3D also incorporates fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual nesting and optimises cutting and machine parameters to maximise sheet utilisation.

Advanced features include cutting path optimisation, common line cutting and high-speed communications via Windows, networking or DNC link to maximise machine productivity.

LVD's Orion is a compact machine with a crossbeam base structure. Every crossbeam has four attachment points to fix and level the frame. No special foundation is required. Orion's compact configuration makes it ideal for cell manufacturing.

Orion is available with 2kW or 4kW laser power. An optional loading system is also offered.

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