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LVD’s new Laser-Punch combination system available from GWB Machine Tools

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article image The STRIPPIT LP-1225 Laser-Punch combination system

LVD Group have launched a new Laser-Punch combination system, STRIPPIT LP-1225. The STRIPPIT LP-1225 Laser-Punch combination system, distributed by GWB Machine Tools , is available from cost-effective standalone combined Laser and Punching machine or as part of an integrated automated pick-sort system, the LP-1225 offers flexible part processing.

Strippit, LVD Group’s punch press brand, was the first company in the industry to introduce a laser/punch combination machine to the market in the early 1980s. Now LVD Group have utilised their latest punch press and laser technology to engineer a new flexible part processing system. A combination of LVD Group’s latest hydraulic punch press and Fanuc’s fast axial flow CO2 laser technology, the STRIPPIT LP-1225 is presented within an integrated Fanuc-GE laser source, motor drive and control package, delivering quality and accuracy at an affordable price.

Capable of punching, forming, tapping and laser cutting, the STRIPPIT LP-1225 provides the ultimate in flexibility. Equipped with a low noise/scratch sensitive brush bed system, the STRIPPIT LP-1225 is ideal for processing lighter gauge components.

The STRIPPIT LP-1225 has a capacity of 1250 x 2500mm maximum sheet size, 20 ton programmable hydraulic press drive, and 6,35mm maximum material thickness.

Integrating the STRIPPIT LP-1225 with LVD’s Pick-Sort robotic material and part handling system transforms the machine into a ‘lights out’ punch/laser processing cell, requiring minimal operator supervision. Pick-Sort further enhances the system’s efficiency and value adding capability.

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