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Flow introduces two new 87,000-PSI hyperpressure intensifier pumps

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To further increase users productivity and efficiency, Flow has introduced two new 87,000-PSI hyperpressure intensifier pumps, a 50HP 0.8GPM, and a 100HP 1.4GPM model.

These pump designs are based on Flow's own current highly reliable designs, that have been proven in numerous installations, over thousands of hours, throughout the world, making them the preferred choice for users seeking high levels of reliability and productivity, since the 1970's.

The 45% increase in pressure to 87,000 from 60,000PSI, results in productivity increases and reduced production costs. Increases in cutting speeds from 20-30% compared to operating at 60,000PSI, can be expected, even greater gains would be experienced when compared with pressures below 60,000PSI.

At 87,000PSI, the water stream velocity increases to over Mach3, resulting in increased energy levels in each particle of abrasive entrained in the water stream, resulting in less abrasive being used, without any reduction in productivity.

The cost of garnet is a significant cost input in abrasive waterjet cutting and reductions in abrasive consumption of 20-50% can be expected, when compared to operating at 60,000PSI. These reductions in garnet consumption could additionally yield cost savings, due to reduced frequency of spent garnet removal from the catcher tank.

At 87,000PSI, the increased energy levels of the abrasive stream result in reduced side taper and stream lag. These two factors, when combined with Flows Dynamic Waterjet (DWJ) cutting head, result in combined levels of accuracy and productivity unobtainable with any other manufacturer’s equipment.

The DWJ system is available on the IFB range, with work envelopes from 0.6 x 1.2m to 1.8 x 7.3m and the WMC range, with work envelopes from 2 x 2m to 4 x 6m. To further increase productivity, the WMC range can also be fitted with dual DWJ heads.

Abrasive waterjet cutting was invented by Flow, the world leader in the design, development and manufacturer of waterjet cutting equipment. Flow's total production of waterjet quipment annually exceeds the combined sales of all waterjet cutting equipment by all other manufacturers.

In Australia, the complete range of Flow's waterjet cutting machines, pumps and accessories are sold and serviced by GWB Machine Tools .

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