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STRIPPIT/LVD has introduced the Parma Series, an economical 20t CNC turret punch press that provides productive, reliable performance that is affordable for all shops, including entry-level fabricators.

Available from GWB Machine Tools Pty Ltd , the machine is ideal for mobile manufacturing and stamping houses with short runs or prototypes.

The Parma features a 21-station thick turret with three direct-drive C station (50.8mm) auto-index stations, powerful GE Fanuc 0iP CNC control, and rugged frame and table design to achieve tight tolerances and consistent punching accuracy.

Strippit/LVD's newest turret punch press delivers up to 300 hits per minute on 25.4mm centres and up to 650 hits per minute in nibble mode.

The machine provides a ± 0.1mm finished part accuracy and 0.05mm finished part repeatability. It processes material thicknesses up to 6.35mm.

The machine accommodates a nominal workpiece size of up to 1250mm x 1250mm or 1250mm x 2500mm. Larger sheets can be processed with clamp repositioning.

Strippit/LVD's patented Smart Clamp feature automatically determines exact clamp positions to provide the smallest possible no-punch zones to improve material utilisation.

The Parma's servo-driven hydraulic ram offers complete control of ram position to achieve the highest punching rates of any machine in its class. Parameters are easily accessed and changed to provide optimal forming characteristics and to reduce slug pulling.

The advanced hydraulic drive system reduces noise and shock to increase machine longevity and reduce tool wear.

A direct drive axes configuration provides the industry's tightest tolerances. This design better controls both part tolerance and repeatability to eliminate backlash and wear for repeatable accuracy and reliability.

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