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Automated laser cutting system

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article image High-speed part processing with integrated automation.

LVD, represented by GWB Machine Tools , has released the Axel 3015 S laser cutting system with a 5kW laser source. The Axel 3015 S combines high-speed part processing with integrated automation to allow unattended operation.

The laser cutting machine incorporates advancements in linear drive technology, laser power and control systems to provide flexibility and ease of use.

A high-pressure cutting head is available for a 127mm, 190.5mm or 254mm cutting lens. The high-pressure cutting head produces clean cuts and is equipped with a safety system that protects the head from collision with the workpiece.

The 254mm cutting lens allows the Axel to process 10mm to 15mm-thick mild steel 10% to 15% faster. The lens allows processing of 25mm mild steel with a 4kW laser source. 20mm mild steel can be processed at 1m/min and 10mm mild steel can be cut at speeds of 2m/min.

The beam quality of the 5kW laser allows processing of thin material at high speed and thick material with high-quality surface finishes. The laser source, CNC and servomotors are integrated as a complete system to optimise machine performance.

The monoframe design incorporates hardened guideways and an optimal driving system for good acceleration and positioning speeds. The frame design offers increased stiffness. The rigid-frame construction minimises deformation caused by high acceleration, improving overall machine accuracy.

The system has a constant beam length system that keeps the diameter of the laser beam constant and maintains a fixed focal point position. This results in higher cutting speeds and superior cut quality maintained over the entire working area.

The Axel 3015 S is now available with LVD's Win-Executor software. The software simplifies machine use by providing an explanation of error messages, automatic calculation of stand off distance and graphic display during the cutting process.

The system has integrated shuttle tables for uninterrupted part processing. One table can be loaded while the machine is cutting on the other table. The shuttle table drive system has a double-driven timing belt for improved machine performance and reliability. Table change time is 15 seconds. Shuttle tables are driven by a coupled toothed belt which provides faster and smoother pallet changing.

The laser system's working area is enclosed in a plexiglass cabin that provides a clear view of the cutting process. The manually-operated rotating door allows easy access for machine maintenance.

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