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GULLCO has redesigned its series of portable electrode stabilising ovens by increasing their capacities from 10 lbs to 20 lbs.

This increases flexibility while at the same time maintaining quality performance and portability.

The new models: 10-A-20, 10-B-20, and 10-N-20, are light weight, rugged and easy to load and carry.

They provide low cost control of welding quality in the shop or field, giving welding operators fast access to electrodes at the point-of-work.

Gullco portable ovens control electrode stability via pre-set temperatures in the 275ºF range in the standard 10-A-20 model.

Gullco models 10-B-20 and 10-N-20 are thermostat controlled, enabling precise temperature control between 100ºF and 400ºF.

All models are equipped with rod lifters, pilot lights, 8ft electric cords and handle rods up to 18".

Gullco also carries a wide variety of shop model ovens and flux hoppers and holding ovens.

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