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Moggy welding travel carriage is available from Gullco International

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Gullco Moggy is a portable friction-drive welding travel carriage, ideal for automatic horizontal fillet, lap and butt welding.

The Moggy is guided by adjustable rollers that run along a horizontal work piece.

The welding travel carriage can also run on standard 6" (152.4mm) wide "V"- groove track when the wheels are reversed.

The carriage travels in a forward or reverse direction at precisely controlled speeds ranging from 6 to 115 in/min (15.2 to 292.2 cm/min) indicated on LED readout.

The carriage comes complete with automatic wire feed start with adjustable carriage delay start from 0 to 3 seconds and a travel limit switch assembly.

Vertical and horizontal micro-slides provide accurate welding gun positioning and torch tilt.

Gullco International’s Moggy is an easy to operate, lightweight travel carriage system that adds accuracy and uniformity to your welding operations while increasing productivity.

The carriage is perfect for many welding applications.


  • Travels in a forward and reverse direction
  • Speed ranges from 6– 115 in/min
  • LED readout
  • Automatic wire feed activation
  • Carriage delay start from 0- 3 seconds
  • Magnetic capabilities
  • Continuous or stitch welding capabilities

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