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Electrode stabilizing ovens from Gullco

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Gullco  stationary electrode ovens provide efficient dry storage for electrodes and wire reels. The six sizes are scaled to meet the needs of any shop. (10lbs.– 1000lbs)

Gullco portable electrode ovens are ideal for shop or field use. Six models are available to suit any requirement. All are light weight, durable, and easily carried to the welding site. They are insulated for accurate temperature control and efficient operation.

Each welder can carry only the electrodes required for the job. All models are equipped with rod lifters to simplify loading and unloading of electrodes. The Dry-Pak is a tightly sealed thermal container which holds oven conditioned electrodes below AWS or ASME moisture levels for more than twenty- four hours. It does not require electricity.

The other portable ovens operate on 115 or 230 volt power. Choose one model or an assortment of models to suit a job or shift length. 

  • Eliminate the risk of costly rework and rejects 
  • Ensure consistent physical properties and X-ray quality welds 
  • Protect Low Hydrogen quality in electrodes and flux core wire 
  • Protect coatings on Aluminum, Bronze, Cast Iron, Stainless and other electrodes 
  • Prevent electrode wastage

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