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Second supply chain knowledge centre opened

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GS1 Australia has opened a second Supply Chain Knowledge Centre (SCKC), this one in Sydney, to provide business and industry participants - of any size - access to knowledge that will help them improve their information flows and trading efficiencies.

The opening of this facility is a vital step to ensure businesses wanting to combine eCommerce tools with supply chain management practices are given the education and training support they need.

With many interstate and international representatives counted among the 2,200 visitors that attend the SCKC in Melbourne each year, the need for a local training facility for GS1 Australia's 5,000 plus members in Sydney became evident.

Designed and built to offer participants a hands-on interactive experience in which individuals are given jobs reflecting the daily activities such as planning, sourcing, making, delivering, or returning a product to meet the demand of a trading partner. The SCKC state-of-the-art simulator also challenges participants to deal with business issues involving quality, productivity, cost and customer service as a team.

Maria Palazzolo, CEO of GS1 Australia said "Training is vital to demonstrate to members the importance of understanding the globally recognised GS1 System of standards such as bar codes, electronic business messaging, data synchronisation, and EPC for RFID-based identification.

"We are again very grateful to the professional trainers and industry experts for helping us. Together we have built a facility with flexible training modules. These can be tailored to mimic the specific industry supply chain scenarios encountered by any business from the smallest SME to the largest multinational."

In this way the SCKC training simulator allows businesses to test alternative supply chain management strategies, optimise operational performance, and train personnel. All without the risks and costs associated with trying to experiment in the real world. The training also boosts staff confidence as they manage inventory on a day in, day out basis.

Monash University, one of several academic institutions who work closely with GS1 Australia believes the SCKC training facility offers relevant, practical and up-to-date supply chain management information for graduates.

G. Peter Dapiran, Director, Monash Supply Chain Logistics Programs said "Monash University has used the Supply Chain Knowledge Centre in Melbourne for a number of years for its Logistics Master Program. The centre is a powerful resource for hands-on learning. It gets across the complex notion of integrated supply chain management in a novel and creative way."

The same course curriculum will be offered at Sydney and Melbourne. The aim is to allow organisations to train managers and staff on the importance of global standards in supply chain processes, from a 'big picture' overview right through to specific application training on data capture such as CPFR and EDI/XML. Greatly anticipated training programs demonstrating EPC/RFID and Traceability are currently being finalised and due for release in the very near future.

The SCKC is one of many training formats provided by GS1 Australia to suit the diverse needs and circumstances of Australian businesses. Others include online learning, group or individual training and onsite consultation services.

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