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Major Australian retailers require suppliers to have GS1 Australia’s Barcode Verification Report

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article image Why are retailers asking for a Verification Report?

Major Australian retailers are asking suppliers for a Barcode Verification Report from GS1 Australia to ensure that barcodes on products scan first time, every time.

When barcodes on products do not scan the first time causing delays at the checkout point, products are at risk of being rejected by these retailers.

Most supermarkets in Australia require suppliers to have a GS1 barcode on their product packaging. The possibility of barcodes scanning first time, every time depends on a whole range of technical factors such as the colours used on the product packaging, placement of the barcode on the product and availability of sufficient space around the barcode.  

In the busy atmosphere of retail checkouts, some barcodes can be more difficult to scan than in a static test, therefore major retailers require suppliers to have a certificate from GS1 Australia's Barcode Testing Service that verifies that their product meets all barcode scanning requirements. All major Australian retailers use the GS1 barcoding and numbering standards.

The GS1 Australia Barcode Testing Service reports on the scanning performance of barcodes and will issue the supplier with a GS1 Barcode Verification Report. If the product doesn’t scan, the report alerts the supplier to technical issues that may be causing the problem.

GS1 Australia advises all suppliers to get a GS1 Barcode Verification Report before they print their packaging to avoid reprinting and repackaging if the barcode does not scan. Technical experts from the GS1 Australia Testing Service team will work with the supplier and their packaging designers to ensure the products meet the retailers' scanning requirements.

Barcodes that scan correctly will help products reach the shelf on time as well as help indicate to the retailer when stocks are running low for reordering.

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