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HGAG Numbering & Barcoding Call to Action Gets Results

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The Hardware GS1 Action Group (HGAG) has reported an industry barcode compliance rate of 80% to 85% at all levels of packaging following a Call to Action.

Formed in 2008 by the Australian and New Zealand hardware sector, HGAG set out to ensure supply chain efficiencies and savings could be achieved throughout the sector.

After outlining an industry approach to product identification and barcoding, a Call to Action was released for all hardware industry participants to fully support a commitment to assign and physically barcode all levels of packaging with GS1 compliant barcodes.

Based on the latest reports, the Call to Action has been successful with the hardware industry having a barcode compliance rate of approximately 80% to 85% at all levels of packaging.

Positive outcomes of the HGAG Call to Action also include John Danks experiencing an exponential increase from 50% to 97% in numbering and barcoding at carton level over the past five years.

Errol Kennedy, John Danks’ Inventory & Procurement Manager and HGAG Steering Committee Chair comments that Danks has not only witnessed a considerable increase in scan rates, but also vendor numbering and barcoding compliance, which is a result of the HGAG Call to Action. A better awareness of when to use and change a barcode, what type of barcode to use, as well as better quality and positioning of barcodes are some of the other areas of improvement.

According to Mr Kennedy, both suppliers and retailers that are actively adopting these standards are now seeing tangible cost benefits across the supply chain.

HGAG calls upon all suppliers to recognise and support the continued importance of numbering and barcoding at all levels of product packaging.

GS1 Australia members are encouraged to participate and get directly involved in the HGAG.

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