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GS1net Validator quality data synchronisation available from GS1 Australia

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Traditional supply chain systems are time and labour intense. They rely on manual data entry, fax, post and email, and lead to complicated and frustrating communications within supply chain communities.

But a new software engine developed by Leadtec, in collaboration with the Australian supply chain standards association, GS1 Australia , has changed all that. Leadtec were awarded the contract to build the tool for GS1 Australia after a successful expression of interest process.

The GS1net Validator, an intuitive data validation tool that allows global trading communities to meet their ever-increasing obligations for data accuracy within supply chains. An innovative addition to the GS1net platform, the engine incorporates data validation into the GS1net online supply chain data synchronisation portal, providing on-demand and compliant item and pricing communication between supply chain communities.

The GS1net Validator automatically flags business rules that traders must comply with to do business with Australian and New Zealand retailers. It then ‘validates’ data entered into the GS1net system to ensure its compliance with over 480 industry and business rules, resulting in the highest levels of data integrity and quality. The GS1net Validator will accept data that is compliant for synchronisation and will block bad data from proceeding to the synchronisation stage.

John Hearn, General Manager, GS1 Services Group, said that the GS1net Validator has made the GS1net system one of the most advanced data synchronisation platforms globally, and has significantly increased the data quality within GS1net, an essential ingredient for efficient and effective supply chain management. By increasing data quality within supply chains, the GS1net Validator helps deliver increased speed to market of goods in demand, and has reduced invoice queries between business communities.

According to Scott Needham, Managing Director, Leadtec, the GS1net Validator has allowed Australian and New Zealand businesses to stride ahead of the game when it comes to inventory processing and supply chain management.

Leadtec and GS1 Australia have created a powerful engine that has enabled Australian and New Zealand businesses to streamline their supply chain processes. In some cases, supply chain operating costs have decreased by up to 30 per cent for clients who have moved to the GS1net platform. Many of our clients have also seen significant increases in sales and growth.

By facilitating compliant data synchronisation, the GS1net Validator gateway enables suppliers to communicate in detail with clients about an order; for example, information about new products in the warehouse, updates to pricing structures, changes in packaging configurations or any promotional materials that need to be included. The data recipient, typically retailers, healthcare providers and wholesalers can also acknowledge receipt and acceptance of the data through GS1net.

The GS1net Validator is an effective data gateway allowing instant and compliant synchronisation of stock data between the shop floor and the supplier’s warehouse. Accurate Supply Chain product data means that any fast-moving item can be accurately tracked and re-ordered, and popular colours or trends noted and factored into future orders Scott Needham added. About 1400 businesses in Australia and New Zealand are currently linked to the GS1 platform and the Validation engine. This is expected to double over the next five years.

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