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GS1 bar code testing service ensures quality control of barcodes

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GS1 Australia  offers a unique bar code testing service that helps detect and address bar code performance issues on products.
It is important for barcodes to scan correctly the first time. Quality control of products should ideally extend beyond the packaging stage to include the checking of the allocation of the barcode number (GTIN) and the actual barcode itself, ensuring the item will be correctly identified throughout the supply chain from carton level to the end consumer.
As part of the GS1 bar code testing service, GS1 experts work with the manufacturer’s marketing team, graphic designers and/or packaging department, checking the barcode quality and data quality issues such as putting the wrong number on the product or accidently transposing the GS1 Company Prefix, an error that can be just as costly as a faulty barcode.
Barcodes that don’t scan correctly can be detrimental to the manufacturer and supplier as they can cause loss of sales, impact the re-ordering process and break an automated supply chain cycle. Suppliers may be penalised by retailers for barcoded products that do not scan and even run the risk of being delisted.
Key benefits of GS1 bar code testing service:

  • Optimises efficiency by identifying errors at the design stage, reducing lead-times and ensuring products are correctly identified, packed and shipped
  • Saves time and costs by avoiding costly corrective action including re-packaging, over-labelling, and manual handling
  • Helps build stronger relationships with trading partners by avoiding penalties for barcoded products that do not scan

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