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GS1 DataBar: The next big thing in retailing

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The GS1 DataBar is a family of seven bar codes that have huge potential to transform the way retailers do business.
GS1 DataBar can be used globally in open trade on any product from 2014. Four of the seven bar codes can be read by omnidirectional scanners, enabling products that have previously not been bar coded to be quickly and accurately scanned at Point-of-Sale by retailers.
GS1 DataBar offers several advantages to the retailer, helping to solve many of modern-day retail challenges. Capabilities include enabling traceability with more information input into the bar codes, enhanced and wider category management, product authentication, global variable measure product identification, and easier effective markdown management.
Major Australian retailers are getting their systems and scanners ready for GS1 DataBar. 

GS1 Australia can assist companies with GS1 DataBar implementation.

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