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GS1 Australia moves to a new fee structure

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GS1 Australia  have introduced a new equitable subscription membership model based on company turnover effective from July 1, 2008. GS1 members will receive a detailed letter and email regarding the new fee structure if they provide GS1 Australia with details of their company turnover.

This new structure significantly offers reduced fees for GS1 Australia subscriber members, and facilitates faster adoption of GS1 standards by industry. For a new GS1 subscriber, this means a reduction of up to 50 percent in joining and annual subscription fees if their annual company turnover is less than $1 million.

Subscribers can send their company turnover details to take advantage of the new fee structure. GS1 Australia will need the complete company turnover, along with the turnover related to the use of GS1 Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) for bar coding.

According to GS1 Australia, the changes that subscribers should be aware of include: 

  • A revised invoice with additional details about GS1 number usage. 
  • A direct debit facility for subscription fees, and direct debit payments for invoices and renewals. 
  • Facility to make part payments of renewals on a monthly basis through credit.

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