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GS1 Australia launches the highly anticipated GS1 GoScan application

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GS1 Australia  has launched the GS1 GoScan, Australia’s whole-of-industry endorsed iPhone application that enables consumers to scan a food product’s bar code to check if it suits their special dietary needs.

Launched after three years in development, the GS1 GoScan application currently has more than 70 brands on board and thousands of products on its database.

The application’s functionality assists individuals with allergies, intolerances, special diets, or simply an interest in a food product’s nutritional information beyond the food label. GS1 GoScan also makes use of iOS accessibility options and provides voiceover functions, enabling the visually impaired to access product label information more easily.

Maria Palazzolo, CEO of GS1 Australia explains that Australians are looking for a way to quickly and easily receive reliable product information beyond the food labels, which is now possible with the GS1 GoScan application.

Based on the findings of a new national study, Scanning Australia’s Dietary Needs, GS1 Australia is calling on brand owners and manufacturers to prioritise listing their product data onto the application. The research reveals that 30% of adults have special dietary needs and nearly a quarter (24%) of parents prepare special diets for their children.

Key findings include:

  • Nearly 70% have made themselves unwell by misreading or misinterpreting a food label and nearly half (49%) have fed their family food that made them unwell for the same reason
  • Half (50%) admit that the information on food labels is too technical to understand
  • 74% say they do not know what additive numbers on a food label mean
  • 71% wish there was an easier way to locate the right foods for their dietary needs
  • 63% said grocery shopping takes too long when they have to read every food label
Given that consumers expect to see every food product from the supermarket shelves on the app, Palazzolo calls upon manufacturers and brand owners to list their products on the database so that the GS1 GoScan can increasingly empower Australians to make more informed food choices.

GS1 GoScan was developed in association with major retailers, local and international food companies, the Australian Food and Grocery Council, Australian Universities and National Health Organisations including Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia and the Coeliac Society.

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