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GS1 Australia calls upon retailers and suppliers to prioritise food allergy

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As an official sponsor of the 2012 Food Allergy Awareness Week, GS1 Australia calls upon all companies within the food and grocery industry to get on board the latest tool to help consumers access trusted information.

To be launched later this year, GS1 GoScan is an industry-endorsed iPhone application that will provide detailed extended labelling product data to consumers with high accuracy and in real time. Product data will include allergen information, ingredient lists, nutritional content, daily intake information, dietary information (such as kosher, halal, vegan or organic), preparation, usage and storage instructions, country of origin, product descriptions and images.

The Food Allergy Awareness Week (14 – 18 May) is an annual national campaign by Anaphylaxis Australia to help promote and develop the awareness of food allergy and anaphylactic reactions amongst Australians.

While food manufacturers and brand owners have been diligent in updating food labels to provide consumers with greater information, GS1 Australia’s CEO Maria Palazzolo believes that they should take the next step in securing food safety with the GS1 GoScan application.

According to Ms Palazzolo, food allergies are a serious issue for the Food and Grocery sector as well as the foodservices industry as they can have devastating, even fatal, consequences if not correctly understood and managed by those in the industry.

GS1 GoScan leverages GS1 Australia’s Global Data Synchronisation Network datapool, GS1net to enable brand owners to collect, validate and publish product information.

GS1 GoScan was developed by GS1 Australia in collaboration with Anaphylaxis Australia to ensure the application met the unique needs of allergy sufferers. The development was supported by major retailers, leading international food companies, the Australian Food and Grocery Council, Australian Universities and additional national health organisations, working in partnership with GS1 Australia.

Key benefits of the GS1 GoScan iPhone application:

  • Provides detailed extended labelling product data to consumers, accurately and in real time
  • Enables consumers to scan the bar code on a product and receive comprehensive product data
  • Shares accurate information on food ingredient content and food allergy
  • Helps allergy sufferers manage their food requirements, by accessing trusted product information via their iPhone at the supermarket
  • Allows brand owners to be confident that consumers are accessing up-to-date and accurate information about their products, building brand trust and loyalty
In addition to building awareness of food allergy management tools such as GS1 GoScan, the Food Allergy Awareness Week emphasises the importance of food allergy awareness in the foodservice sector.

GS1 Australia is working closely with the Foodservice sector, having recently established the GS1 Australasian Foodservice Industry Steering Group (FISG) with the aim to drive improvements in supply chain standards, including traceability in the foodservice supply chain through widespread usage of the GS1 system.

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