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GS1 Australia and Nestlé Australia achieve Global Data Synchronisation process to deliver trusted data to consumers

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GS1 Australia  and Nestlé Australia announce the achievement of a Global Data Synchronisation (GDS) based process that enables Nestlé Australia to make its extended product data available to consumers on the new GS1 GoScan iPhone application.

Incorporating the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN), the local GS1 data pools in Australia and the United States, plus Nestlé Australia’s own databank in Australia, the GDS process will work seamlessly around the world to deliver trusted, high-quality and extensive product data to consumers on demand. This data includes nutritional and ingredient information, allergen declarations, consumer advice, dietary information and more.

Mark Fuller, Chief Operating Officer at GS1 Australia says this is a world first for GS1 using GDSN for the benefit of consumers. Describing the Nestlé Australia achievement as a significant milestone, he said that the project demonstrated how the GS1 GDS system could help deliver trusted data to consumers.

The project was driven by Nestlé Australia’s objective to make their extended product information available on the new GS1 GoScan application, which will be available later this year. GS1 GoScan is a whole-of-industry endorsed application designed to deliver trusted extended product information to consumers, direct from the brand owners.

Nestlé Australia has been part of the GS1 GoScan project from the beginning, assisting GS1 Australia with the development of the application alongside industry associations, national health organisations, universities, major retailers, and other local and global food manufacturers.

Nestlé Australia’s product data is managed and maintained in SAP and Nutribank, an Australian database designed to assist the organisation manage detailed product composition and formulation data such as ingredient lists, nutritional information, allergen declarations and other key product data. Nutribank data is integrated into Nestlé’s global master data management platform.

Data is automatically loaded as part of Nestlé’s existing GDS processes into 1SYNC, the GS1 US data pool, from where it travels back to Australia to GS1net, GS1 Australia’s data synchronization data pool.

The data is validated for completeness and accuracy during Nestlé’s label approval process and also when it is loaded onto GS1net, and then processed through to GS1 GoScan’s database where it becomes available to consumers via the iPhone application.

Mandeep Sodhi, B2B & Supply Chain Technology Manager, Nestlé Australia said working with GS1 Australia on this project has enabled Nestlé to further realise the benefits of data synchronisation.

Dan Wilkinson, Vice President, 1SYNC believes that Nestlé’s industry leadership in this effort will help other organisations see the value in leveraging the GDSN for tangible business benefits.

GS1 GoScan is expected to be launched in October 2012. GS1 Australia continues to work with brand owners to upload their data for use in GS1 GoScan and invites companies to participate for the benefit of consumers.

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