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GS1 Australia Training Gets Interactive in 2011

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article image GS1 Australia training gets hands-on in 2011

Training sessions offered by GS1 Australia for members are now focusing on active engagement, interactivity and hands-on participation, according to Terry Papadis, GS1 Australia Manager – Training Services.  

The training sessions now have a more practical tilt with many more question-and-answer activities so that members get to practice their lessons. The interactivity and hands-on participation by members aims to provide them with practical hands-on experience in the application of GS1 standards.  

Members are no longer required to commit to a full day’s training. All introductory training will be a half-day Learn morning session where members are taught the basics of bar coding and numbering at the retail level, GS1net and eCom.  

Members can opt to stay for an afternoon Knowledge session, which will explore their chosen subject in more depth, or they can return to complete the Knowledge session on another day.  

GS1 Australia is also organising two-hour Master Classes designed to explore the business application of subjects such as bar code quality and achieving data accuracy in depth.  

Over 500 members across Australia were trained by GS1 Australia in 2010. Extra sessions are being offered in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in 2011. GS1 training is also on offer in Adelaide and Perth with the potential for more sessions in more locations based on specific need, says Papadis.  

GS1 Australia offers Learn and Knowledge sessions in Numbering and Bar Coding as well as in Data Synchronisation (GS1net/ NPC).   

A Learn-level training session on GS1 eCom will be scheduled later this year while further training on eCom as well as EPC/RFID will be introduced in due course.  

New GS1 Australia members are entitled to free training in GS1 numbering and bar coding (Learn and Knowledge sessions) for one person from their business within the first 12 months.

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