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Following fresh produce from farm to fridge

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DEMAND at both the international and local level for the fresh produce industry to adopt the EAN•UCC system to support traceability is increasing, according to EAN Australia .

Woolworths Supermarkets, has announced it will scan fresh produce on receipt at the pallet level in the many Woolworths’ distribution centres across Australia.

The fresh produce industry was encouraged to allocate Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) at the carton or crate level in addition to applying an EAN•UCC logistics label for pallet identification.

To smooth the adoption of the EAN•UCC system, EAN will manage the allocation of GTINs for loose fruit and vegetables.

EAN Australia is conducting an education programme to explain the use of GTINs and providing an implementation process that will facilitate the progression from the national assigned GTIN for non-retail trade items to a grower/vendor allocated GTIN by 2007.

EAN Australia will also provide technical support, advising on the correct application of the EAN•UCC logistics label to meet the requirements of Woolworths and other trading partners.

Over the past six months, EAN Australia has helped more than 200 fresh produce suppliers to meet the adoption deadline of February 2005, with a member and industry support help desk, site visits and bar code verification services.

EAN Australia also plans to set up an industry forum that will assist in developing, implementing and resolving any issues related to the uptake of the EAN•UCC system and the supporting B2B, eCommerce and eBusiness practices within the fresh produce industry.

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