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Australasian foodservice joins forces for supply chain efficiency

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Leading Australasian foodservice players including suppliers, manufacturers and distributors have come together to improve supply chain processes and standards in the foodservice sector.

Formed with the aim to drive improvements in cost efficiencies, methodologies and traceability in the foodservice supply chain, the GS1 Australasian Foodservice Industry Steering Group (FISG) consists of members as diverse as PFD Food Services, GS1 Australia, McCain, Bidvest, Snap Fresh, NAFDA, Food SA, Countrywide Australasia, Simplot, Foodservice Suppliers Association of Australia, National Foods and Nestlé Australia.

Mr Mandeep Sodhi, B2B and Supply Chain Technology Manager for Nestlé has been formally appointed to the role of Chairman of the FISG. 

GS1 Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that brings industry communities together to solve supply chain challenges and improve efficiencies through the voluntary adoption and implementation of GS1 Standards including product identification, tracking and data sharing. More than 16,000 businesses across a wide range of industries rely on GS1 Australia for maximising the efficiency, visibility and security of their business processes.

According to Ms Maria Palazzolo, CEO of GS1 Australia, there are many cost reductions, efficiency gains and improved traceability available to foodservice businesses through the widespread usage of the GS1 standards and supply chain best practice.

With the industry working together, Ms Palazzolo adds that these standards will drive measurable improvements in efficiency, product information, and safety for foodservice businesses individually and the industry as a whole.

Mr Sodhi believes that the adoption of GS1 standards is going to dramatically change the foodservice industry for the better by standardising all transactional systems and product information. He adds that the grocery and retail industries have been successfully using a standardised product identification and data sharing system for years.

The FISG has set up two working groups to deliver results to all participants: Numbering & Bar Coding, and eCom. Richard Cohen, CIO of PFD Food Services was elected as head of the eCom working group. Steve Johnson, IT Project Manager at Bidvest, also joined the eCom working group.

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