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APICS, GS1 Australia EPC/RFID Education Roadshow

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APICS and GS1 Australia have joined forces to deliver an intensive and specifically tailored day for Australian businesses wanting to know more about the merit, benefits, and opportunities of using Electronic Produce Code (EPC) enabled Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).  

RFID and EPC experts will travel to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to deliver an experience using GS1 Australia’s award winning interactive, supply chain environment. By the end of the day participants will have the tools necessary to consider their own RFID business case, including an understanding of RFID pros and cons, how to evaluate RFID technology vendors, launching a pilot project, and planning for successful RFID deployment.  

The morning provides a comprehensive introduction to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, including different applications, benefits, tags, and frequencies used. RFID systems will be compared with existing systems, such as bar codes, and integration issues explained along with the maturity and future of RFID technology, case studies, return on investment, and what to consider when planning RFID implementation.  

The afternoon is dedicated to Electronic Product Code (EPC), EPCglobal and the EPC Network. EPC standards are globally accepted, multi-industry, and user-driven. They support RFID technology in collaborative commerce and seamless supply chain management. The EPCglobal course will cover network principals, Generation 2 EPC (Gen 2), how the components of the EPC Network fit together. Participants will also hear case-studies and key learnings from Australian and global pilots, including what the future holds and Privacy issues to ensure peace of mind for EPC/RFID users.


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