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Super Cheap Auto and GRA to present at SMART 2007 Conference

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GRA and Super Cheap Auto Group have been invited to deliver a joint presentation to the delegates of this year’s SMART Conference. The case study, to be presented by Super Cheap’s Merchandising Operations Manager Christine Ogden and GRA’s Partner Carter McNabb, will detail:

  • The demand and supply chain management issues confronted by Super Cheap’s growing business.
  • How the company addressed these challenges from a people, processes and systems perspective.
  • The results achieved.

Super Cheap’s challenge was to get over 10,000 products across more than 230 stores and five distribution centres to the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity at low cost, while it continued to open stores at the rate of two per week. The need to plan inventory accurately to meet service levels at low cost became a critical success factor.

The presentation will explain how the following contributed to ensuring a successful outcome:

  • The implementation of the advanced planning system GAINS
  • The redesign of processes and policies to take advantage of GAINS
  • Effective coach mentoring of the planning team

The results of this project were and continue to be good: In one year to July 2006, inventories reduced by 12% and service levels improved and all in a depressed retail sales environment.

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