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NovAtel releases ProPak-V3 receiver

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NovAtel's ProPak-V3 is a durable, high-performance receiver with advanced capabilities, including GLONASS measurements, USB communication and IMU support. 

Flexibility and ease of integration

The ProPak-V3 provides the same easy-to-use interface as the ProPak-G2plus, while adding the ability to receive measurements from GLONASS constellations in addition to GPS positioning. The ProPak-V3 also features integrated L-band corrections from geosynchronous satellites such as OmniSTAR and CDGPS. Additionally, with firmware upgrades, investment will continue to work into the future, tracking L5 signals as soon as they are available. 

FlexPak-V1 GPS receiver enclosure

All capabilities of the OEMV-1 card are available in the FlexPak-V1.

The FlexPak-V1 has SBAS, VBS, and CDGPS capability to give the extra precision needed in L1 applications. FlexPak-V1 supports OmniSTAR

VBS corrections. NovAtel’s RT20 model is available for L1 carrier-phase positioning up to 20 Hz.

All models are available with the API (application program interface) option.

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