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GPS application programming interface firmware

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GPSAT Systems provides specialised support for NovAtel’s Application Programming Interface (API) option, which hosts customer applications on NovAtel receivers.

Using a standard C/C++ development environment and the API library, software tailored for a company’s application can be developed to run on the GPS receiver platform, eliminating system hardware and reducing development costs and time to market.

The API library includes such features as a virtual interface to the receiver, the ability to interface with external devices and support for multiple tasks and priority levels.

GPSat Systems has now developed and is currently field testing a customer RTAttitude, a firmware application designed to operate on a NovAtel receiver with API functionality enabled.

RTAttitude runs on a NovAtel receiver and processes input messages from a second NovAtel receiver to produce attitude information.

There are several system setup options that are available within the RTAttitude firmware application.

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