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Feed milling extractors from GPM (Australia)

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GPM (Australia)  provides wide range of feed milling equipment and extractors. The feed milling equipment supplied by GPM (Australia) includes pulp and paper panel board, hydro power, strip processing and rolling mill.

GPM (Australia) has different clients of various sectors including food industry, feed milling industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry and detergent automotive.

GPM (Australia) offers products and services catering to individual customer requirements and services. GPM (Australia) has design draughts men, engineers and qualified technicians to support the customers in the installation process.

The silos provided by GPM (Australia) are ideal for storing and extraction purposes whereas the floveyor is designed to transport dry powders and granules across production processes and storage facilities.

GPM (Australia) supplies aero-mechanical conveying instruments, stainless steel silos, grain cleaning machineries and elevator buckets. The products supplied by GPM (Australia) such as rotary valves, ribbon mixers, orbital shifters, mechanical conveying and storage bins to name a few can be tailor made according to customer needs.

GPM (Australia) has completed various projects successfully including Ridley agri-products Greenfield site, Monds and Affleck plant and Australian bakels.

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