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Feed milling equipment from GPM (Australia)

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GPM (Australia)  offers wide range of services to food processing and cereal milling services and has been operating in this business for the past 40 years. GPM (Australia) offer services to wide range of industries including plastic, chemical, and beverage, and confectionary, pharmaceutical and general industries.

The wide range of services offered by GPM (Australia) includes plant design, installation, equipment supply and commissioning. The product range offered by GPM (Australia) includes orbital shifters, rotary valves, storage bins, pneumatic and mechanical conveying, ribbon mixers and silos.

GPM (Australia) also supplies feed milling equipment feed expanders, feed milling equipment extrusion system, flour and maize milling, mixing and conveying division, valves and safety devices, extraction and dosing division, rice and oat milling machinery, weighing and bagging equipment and bulk out loading bellows.

The engineering services offered by GPM (Australia) includes evaluation of customer requirements, plant layout drawings, civil and structural design work, description of operations, electrical control specifications, specification of services including water, steam, water and compressed air.

GPM (Australia) also supplies rice and oat milling services, flour and maize milling and pneumatic components.

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