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The rugged new Hemipro High Power worklight now being introduced to Australia was subjected to a durability test recently when it was repeatedly run over on the highway and lived to tell the tale.

The power-saving but bright LED light used in applications ranging from vehicle workshops to campsites was spotted on a six–lane highway near Salt Lake city in the US by good Samaritan motorist Paul Ferguson.

He pulled up because he thought the cylindrical light was a pipe that could be launched like a missile through someone’s windscreen if a car or truck ran over it, and potentially cause an accident.

Once retrieving it however, he discovered the pipe was a newly-designed automotive and recreational task light recently introduced by Cliplight Mfg, Toronto, a Canadian automotive aftermarket service products provider.

It was new until an indeterminate amount of cars, trucks and other vehicles had run over it like road kill in what most product manufacturers would consider an extreme stress test.

The access end cap that holds the rechargeable four-hour battery was long gone, but the cordless 3-LED light lit up once Ferguson switched it on while holding the battery in place during a whim of complete optimism.

“As a coordinator in a vehicle fleet maintenance department, Mr Ferguson was mightily impressed,” says Australian distributor Gary Oborne of GO Distribution .

“He knew the value of dependable automotive task lights and wrote an email to Cliplight to buy the accompanying AC charger and a new end cap.

"The Hemipro work light was designed to withstand a lifetime of accidental drops by service techs and other users, but I have to admit we were a bit surprised by its successful career as road kill on a major highway,” said Mr Oborne, adding that Mr Ferguson was sent a complementary end cap and battery charger for sharing his tale.

The patented new generation LED task light features a super-wide, 70° powerful beam with whiter, brighter and more even light disbursement than older generation LED's or a conventional 75-watt light bulb.

Available at automotive trade distributors, the Hemipro LED light has a resilient polycarbonate lens shield and tough plastic encasement. It is a more durable alternative to fluorescent task lights or traditional light bulbs in a protective cage/extension cord set-up that typically break after accidental impacts.

Hemipro worklights are designed to provide 10 years or more of optimum clarity and safety in maintenance tasks, with strong NiMH 2500 milliAmp hour battery being rechargeable and replaceable. They incorporate the first use of high-power LEDs in work lights for the automotive repair market, with strong benefits also for applications such as industrial heavy vehicle, electrical, farm and machinery maintenance workshops.

Their retail appeal is further enhanced by their being highly appropriate for consumer use around campsites, caravans and the booming number of recreational vehicles and associated activities.

Using either two or three High Power LEDS, the Hemipro 2 LED and 3 LED work lights provide powerful beams which, respectively, equal or exceed the light area intensity of a 60W or 75W beam, says Gary Oborne.

“What really sets the Hemipro lights apart, in addition to their toughness, is the patent-pending, uniquely engineered hemispherical lens design, which refracts the LEDs into an exceptionally clean, bright and wide beam.

“The highly modified lens design captures and transfers the powerful LED light into a super-wide 70 deg beam, while also eliminating hot spots, dull areas or irritating halo rings.”

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