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Super Seal sealants for repairing HVAC/R equipment from GO Distribution

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GO Distribution  offer Super Seal sealants that have been specifically developed for repairing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Victorian refrigeration and air conditioning repairer, Simpson’s Refrigeration, was able to repair the failing air-conditioning system for a tomato-processing company with the help of Super Seal from GO Distribution.

One of the last things any food processing or primary processing organisation can afford is a breakdown in its heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration system (HVAC/R). These systems are essential for maintaining product freshness and faulty systems would result in major spoilage expenses and risks to product purity.

The leakage of air conditioning systems could also result in emission of potentially dangerous and harmful refrigerants. Super Seal sealants from GO Distribution would prove useful for repairing these leakages.

These internationally proven sealants are formulated to permanently repair leaks up to 300 microns in evaporators, condensers and pipelines. Super Seal sealants are capable of locating even pinprick size holes that are hard to find and difficult to access (especially when HVAC/R equipment is located in walls or under floors).

GO Distribution’s Super Seal attacks the problem from the inside out, in a leak healing process that can be compared to the blood clotting process occurring in a human body. The Super Seal sealant is injected into the HVAC/R system to circulate with the refrigerant and oil that is the lifeblood of an HVAC/R system.

At the point where the refrigerant leaks through the tiny punctures in the system, it begins to lower the ambient air temperature down to the dew point, when micro droplets of moisture are deposited around the leak area. The escaping refrigerant containing Super Seal reacts with this moisture to form a permanent low tensile crystalline structure which seals the hole from the inside out. The Super Seal sealant from GO Distribution also increases the life of HVAC/R equipment.

The Super Seal sealant proves fruitful even for the dairy farmers. This sealant has also been used for repairing milk vats. GO Distribution Director, Gary Oborne, believes that preventing leaks have also helped many businesses save money on constant repair and maintenance costs.

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